Chiva takes time off from his activities with the wild animals to play with the children he is duty-bound to protect.

Welcome, and about us:-

The Lion Dog Group (LDG) is sponsored by The Rhodesian Ridgeback International Foundation (RRIF) which, in turn, operates its own web site under the address <>. The RRIF sets out to support the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed while it lives out its life in human society. On the other hand the LDG caters for the breed while it is at work, mainly in open country, moving among the wild animals, that is animal society: however, their work can also include their activities when assisting humans during avalanche incidents, seizure/stroke attacks, and sundry natural disasters.

Aims and Objectives:-

In recognition of the fact that the Rhodesian Ridgeback is by definition a working dog, it is our mission to foster and encourage the functional Rhodesian Ridgeback (the correct working mentality) while maintaining conformational type (the correct body) in that order.

We therefore seek to promote and advance the breeding and training of working Rhodesian Ridgebacks, placing equal value on the three recognised domains of the working Ridgeback:

  1. Ridgebacks in conservation,

  2. Ridgebacks aiding the hunting fraternity, and

  3. Ridgebacks in other interactions with humans,

and to encourage our membership, and those within the Ridgeback fraternity at large, to develop their dogs in ALL of these domains.

We see this as vital to the future of our wonderful breed. To prevent, as has happened to countless wonderful working breeds past, 'conformation only' breeding which diverges from or completely removes true working ability.

We shall avoid circumstances in which, as each generation becomes more and more refined for the purposes purely of winning in conformation events, the original true working ability, working intelligence, is downgraded resulting in working temperament being lost in the future generations of our beloved Rhodesian Ridgebacks. True to it's working origins, we will continually strive for and promote the Total Ridgeback.  

South African ‘Royalty’ recognises the RR benefit.

A youthful ex President of the Republic of South Africa Nelson Mandela relaxes with his Rhodesian Ridgeback. This picture of him became very popular recently as a result of unfortunate comment about dogs and their owners in general. There are no records of him published lately of other ventures into canine preference, but you can see that he certainly enjoyed this one in his earlier years.